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Tawaf 2 

1. Publishing dua books for tawaf and sa'ee has become a big business. There is constant innovation in this line of publishing with the recent ones having strings to hang the book around your neck and fully laminated pages to protect them from the sweat of your palms. They have become popular gift items to give to pilgrims.

Most of these dua have no basis in Sunnah

There is no special dua except between the Yamani and the Black Stone corners (Rabbana Athina ... ).

Learn the dua from The Holy Our'an (for examples: 2:127, 2:128, 2:201, 3:8, 7:23, 71:28) and Sunnah (for example: "Oh Allah, You are forgiving. You love forgiveness, so forgive me."). These are easy to memorize. Understand their meanings so that your mind, heart and lips are in harmony when you recite these dua in Arabic or your mother tongue.

These will also make your tawaf and sa'ee easier as you don't have to carry the book around. In reciting from the dua book, some get so engrossed that they step on the heels of the pilgrims in front of them.

2. During peak periods, there are 40,000 people per hour, at the rate of six people per square meter, performing the tawaf.

3. The tawaf area has a diameter of 64.8 meters with the center being the Holy
Ka’bah. The total area for the tawaf - the Mataaf - is 4,100 square meters.


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Tawaf is the circling by the heart in the Divine presence.

The Ka'bah is the external symbol in the visible world for the unseen Divine court in the invisible universe.
[Imam al-Ghazali]

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