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1. Submission to Allah (swt) in Arafah does not have a prescribed outward act. You have to be there on the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah from Zuhr to sunset, that's all!

Wuquf (standing/staying) in Arafah in Hajj is really our second wuquf. Do you know about our first wuquf?

2. Some pilgrims miss out from reaping the full benefit of wuquf in Arafat during those approximately 5 1/2 hours.

Most pilgrims pray, recite The Qur'an, zikr, and du'a in Arafah during those hours but some also chat, smoke or take a nap. There is a fair amount of such wasteful activities caused by a lack of understanding of wuquf. The quotes on the right side of this page should be sufficient inducement to pilgrims to regard their presence in Arafat as among the most precious times in their lives.

Read about a good way to prepare for The Day of Arafah.

4. Pilgrims should not fast on Arafah Day. It is not Sunnah.

5. Some Hajj groups skip Mina and proceed straight to Arafah to escape the traffic nightmare. You'll have to pack accordingly to meet your needs for a night and a day's stay in Arafah. 

6. Bring along the following when you depart for Arafah: an extra pair of Ihram clothes; extra pair of glasses, mosquito repellent; foldable hand fan; foldable mat; plastic sheet (2 1/2' square); foldable umbrella; 2 bottles of 1 1/2 liter mineral water; torch and snacks. 

Remember to take this two excellent collection of du'a: 1. Fortress of the Believer  2. Accepted Whispers 

7. The toilet facilities in the tent area that I stayed were adequate. It is still advisable to carry a mini pail with you to fetch water from other places just in case the tap runs dry in your place. (This happened in Mina in our tent area).

You may want to consider a diet of water, dates and fruits in Arafah as this will reduce the need to go to the toilet frequently. This diet may also help to keep you more alert and not make you feel 'sleepy'. You will thus have more time for ibadah.

8. After Arafah, the next Hajj rite is at Muzdalifah. Prepare yourself psychologically for the possibility that you may not be able to perform this part of the Hajj rite. Instead of leaving Arafah after sunset, you may find yourself stranded in Arafah until the next morning because the bus to pick up your group did not turn up as planned.

9. If you are physically fit, consider walking to Muzdalifah. It is definitely better than several hours  in a bus!

10. A favourite du'a of some scholars at Arafat: "Allahumma inni as'aluka Iman naafi'an wa rizqan tayyiban wa ‘amalan mutaqabbalan." [O Allah! I ask you for knowledge that is of benefit , a good provision and deeds that will be accepted.] Watch the video on this du'a: 

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The Hajj is Arafat. [Prophet Muhammad, saw]

There is no day in which Allah frees more of his slaves from the Fire than the day of 'Arafah'.
[Prophet Muhammad, saw]

The best thing that I and the other Prophets have said at Arafat is 'There is no god but Allah alone. He has no partner. To Him belongs dominion and praise. He encompasses everything.'
[Prophet Muhammad, saw]

At Arafat acknowledge your transgressions and faults, and renew your covenant with Allah The Exalted, freeing yourself for Him alone and drawing near to Him. [Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq]

It is said that it is a most grievous sin to stand in Arafat and to imagine that Allah, Exalted is He, does not forgive one. [al-Ghazali]

Abu Ad-Darda reported that the Prophet (saw) said, “On no other day does the Satan feel so belittled, humiliated, and angry as he does on the Day of Arafah.”

(In Arafah), the Hajj goes on inside the hearts and thoughts of each of us. This is
a rehearsal for the Day of Judgment. How will we account for our acts? Have I injured anyone? Have I been grateful enough for the simple gifts of life, water, food, friends, family and the air I breathe? [Michael Wolfe]

“If the Ummah returns to its religion, no force in the world will be able to defeat it. The values, morals, culture and economies of the Ummah are being targeted by the enemies. Muslims had contributed to this by abandoning the basics of their faith." 
[Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, khutbah at Arafah on 19 December 2007, Arab News]

“If two million Muslims from all over the world can come together on the plains of Arafat at the call of our dear faith, what stops them from joining hands for the good of the Muslim world?” asked Abu Ammar, a Palestinian pilgrim.
[19 December 2007, Arab News]

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “The best Du’a is the Du’a (made) on the day of ‘Arafah” [Tirmithi]