About Kiley


As a student and Muslim, I have studied all of the works of Islam. Also being from the United States, I know the reputation that Muslims have and the divide between Christianity and Islam. What is most stunning about this, is that a lot of my friends are Christians and they know of my religion as well. It seriously never comes up as a topic of conversation and we all keep our religious beliefs separate from our friendships.

Unfortunately, as a nation, tensions between the two religions continue to rise, people tend to diverge from understanding the other religion. It is my goal to help unite people and give them insight into what it is like to be a Muslim, but also an American.

As you can see, I am American in every way. I do not wear a hijab, and even though my religion is near and dear to my heart, I do not adhere to all of its teachings. Just like Christians, I use it to help me be a better person and help explain the world around me. My goal is to teach tolerance through understanding and hopefully bridge the gap between the two religions for some people.