We are all connected


Here’s the thing about humanity, we are all connected regardless of our culture and beliefs in that we are humans and we all experience the same things in our lives. We all experience, anger, love, loss, and virtually every other emotion that humans feel. This makes us the same regardless of where we come from and what we choose to believe. You could be a factory worker in the Midwest or a laborer in India, and you probably have the same priorities.

When speaking to a colleague that works for a local garage door company, (Davis Garage Repairs), I began to understand that how he, as someone in a completely different line of work understands humanity perhaps better than I do even though I have studied humanity for most of my life. The secret is in the people we talk to and how we perceive the world.

The truth of the matter

Is that he, as a laborer spends most of his time connecting with customers, which means that he must talk to people on a daily basis. As an intellectual, I spend most of my time studying people rather than talking to them, which puts me at a large disadvantage. He was blessed with a different brain chemistry and different skillset than me, which gives him the ability to talk to anyone, and most people like him immediately.

What is truly astounding is how much more he knew about people’s psychology without even opening a book on it. He is able to read people like I never could, simply because he understands what they are feeling and how they are projecting their emotions. By interacting with people rather than reading about how, we can better understand how we are all connected and that sometimes there is no substitute for human interaction.

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