Where is humanity


Humanity is something that not a lot of people truly understand but it is something that we all are a part of. Truly understanding humanity means understanding that we are all connected and that even though there are a number of things that separate us, individual experiences aside, that we need to look out for one another.

You see it in the news everyday. Lots of tragedy, and it seems to be getting worse. Religious and racial tensions are very highly covered, and whether they are actually on the rise or just being paid more attention to, we must realize that something needs to be done.

So what can we do?

It all seems overwhelming, but the fact is that there are things we can do in order to create a tighter bond with our fellow person. It starts by understanding and ends with truly appreciating others. When we learn about other cultures, we learn about ourselves, when we learn about other races, we learn about ourselves. We learn that even though we may have different experiences, we have the same ones.

I understand that it is difficult to see things through a truly objective lens, and honestly even though I have studied other cultures, I do not see things through a perfectly clear lens either. These separate experiences do separate us, but it is something that we can take a step back on and reflect upon. Once we try to understand other people, we are one step closer to humanity.

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