What we have in common


It is almost unbelievable, but the fact is that we have more in common with our fellow person regardless of religion or race than we ever though imaginable. Think about it, once you stop thinking about these trivial things, it turns out that we enjoy similar things and experience similar experiences from one person to the next. This means that any person you may think is different than you probably isn’t nearly as different as you think.

Once I traveled abroad to a completely different country and made a point to figure out not how they spent their day, but how they spent their free time. During this time I found that it was so easy to get along with other people of different cultures because we shared the same basic interests and experiences. Luckily, I was able to speak the language, because language can be a large barrier, and found that other cultures were not difficult to understand.

A prime example

At a local festival, I stumbled upon a person that was enjoying a beverage (cider) and asked him the reason why he chose it over beer. Simply put, he expressed interest in being different, and noted that this delicious beer alternative was just something that he had grown to love. As someone that has always strove to be different, I could relate.

I then got to talking to him about reading a Woodchuck review, during which time he told me that was something that he had also read. Not knowing this person, I found that even though we were from different parts of the world that we both shared a love for knowledge as well as being different. This was when I discovered that humanity is not as divided as we think we are, and a simple conversation can teach us a lot.

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