Same but different


We live in a world where we are all connected, but do have our differences. What we need to understand is whether we are social workers, retail workers, or people that work in blacktop paving, that we share the fact that we are humans and that we experience the same rigors of daily life. It is almost amazing to think that we believe that we are all different, and that the things that separate us are only on the surface.

Deep down we are all people and need to understand that no matter who we are, we are all essentially the same. As someone that studied Islam extensively, I learned that religion is often brought into the workplace, which causes problems.

Separating the two

What we need to separate is our religion from the daily things that every human needs to deal with. It is very easy to talk to someone about work, but it is difficult to talk to them about religion. There may be a day when we can talk about religion on a global scale in a respectful manner, but from what I have seen, we are not there yet.

In order to truly embrace humanity, we must embrace our differences as well as our similarities. I envision a time during which the brick paver and retail worker can get together and talk about religion and life as one, as people that realize that they are equals and that the things that separate them are only on the surface.


It is not about what makes us different that we should focus on, but what makes us the same. Every human being has similar life experiences, which we can likely talk about and realize that our humanity is more important than our religion, culture, and even our profession.

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