Freedom from fear


Much of what drives xenophobia today is the fear of people that are not like us. The crazy part about it is that we are born with a sense of xenophobia and are biologically chained to it. Back in the old days, people different from us typically did not have our best interest in mind. Tribalism is something that has always existed, and humans have always been in competition with one another.

And while this is still true, the competition is different as is the sense of tribalism in our world. We are afraid of people different than us because we are conditioned to be, but we are also advanced enough that we can get past that and realize that we don’t need to fear them anymore.

Breaking the mold

It is time we realized that we are no longer competing with other tribes for food, and any difference that we see in other people is simply one of race and culture. We are evolved enough as humans to think past our biological roots and begin treating other people with respect and dignity.

Tribalism served its role in getting us to where we are, but we should honor our ancestors by finding a better way to exist with the rest of humanity. There is no longer a need to fear thy neighbor, because chances are they are not after your land or food supply. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can work at living in a peaceful and accepting world.

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