A matter of faith


Faith is something that is very important to many people including myself. However, it causes a great deal of problems when people disagree. It is something about what makes faith so important to us that makes it difficult to share our most passionate ideas with others. In a way, faith is a double edged sword that is both positive and negative.

Although faith brings people together, it also divides people. Even people of the same religion, not counting those of different religions can become divided when it comes to religion and how it pertains to their beliefs. Why is it that religion is so polarizing and so unifying at the same time? People make the pilgrimage to Mecca every year, but may disagree on many things.

The hard part

The difficult part about religion is that it is something that we hold so near and dear to our hearts. Having studied religions of many types, I know that there are different sects in every religion, each with their own specific beliefs. It is amazing to me that faith is something that is so dividing and yet something that we identify as being the fiber of our being.

It is impossible to agree with someone on everything, but perhaps we can agree on our faith and that every faith teaches us to treat others with respect and value for human life. Maybe we can all be unified knowing that no matter our religion, it teaches us to love one another.

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