Fighting Fear


Fear is something that has kept people divided since the beginning of time. The fear of others and the fear of the unknown are both very powerful emotions that dictate many of our emotions. Unfortunately, this is how the world works and unfortunately it is up to us to counteract this natural emotion. We are living in a world where we cannot afford to be afraid of one another anymore, and if we don’t correct this it may be difficult to come back from.

Fear is a natural reaction to something we don’t know. As part of our survival, it is something that is ingrained in our minds, and something that in a way keeps us alive. However, in order to truly live in harmony we need to perhaps not get rid of fear but define what we are to be afraid of.

Changing what to think

We can’t help but be afraid of the unknown, but we can learn about new things so that they cease to be unknown. Part of what makes us human and the world so great is the differences in each culture and within each individual. By learning about others, we can begin to learn that there is nothing to be afraid of. That we are all human beings no matter our faith or culture.

Be afraid of what you should, the unknown, but by learning about other people and cultures we can begin to realize that we need not be afraid of other faiths and cultures.

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