Our responsibility


Every person is wrapped up in their own lives, making it difficult to think critically about the world around them. We have so much on our plate at all times that thinking that our actions can make a difference can be difficult. However, if we are to achieve peace in this world, whether it be individually or collectively, we must understand that it is all of our duties to be considerate.

When I say it is our duty to be considerate, I do not mean that it is our duty to be tolerant. To me, tolerance means that you tolerate other beliefs without understanding them. I believe that in order for people to achieve harmony, that they must understand one another.

The hard road

As previously stated, people are so inundated with the demands of their lives that it is difficult to step outside of that box. Religious beliefs are so ingrained in people that it is almost impossible to think that there is another answer. The truth is that nobody knows the true answer, and even though we may not agree with other ideas, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to understand them.

As someone that has read quite a great deal about religion, I have the luxury of having studied other ideas, and while my ideas are still my own, I can see how other people think they way that they do. That said, I think that by putting forth a bit of effort in understanding that we can begin to achieve harmony.

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