Coming together


Every human life is important regardless of religion, race, social status, and virtually any other factor imaginable. We have a duty as Muslims and Christians to support one another and even though we acknowledge our differences, not let that get in the way of loving all humans. And while there are separate sects of religion that preach intolerance, it is up to us as good Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, or whatever to rise above this.

The world today is full of enough strife and turmoil that we need not blame one another for the way the world is. There is no doubt that there are evil forces in the world, but we must always remember that most people, regardless of their religion are good.

How to do this

We have all had conversations with people that we fundamentally disagree with, and sometimes this bleeds into the way in which we treat people. Everyone is unique and we have our beliefs, but it is time to come together as humans and realize that there in some way exists a world where everyone can appreciate people and their differences.

Perhaps it is easy to say from where I am sitting, but being a humanist is something that people should really pride themselves on becoming. Beliefs are very important, but what is more important is valuing human lives and realizing that it was these differences in thought that got us to where we are today. The world is coming together, and we need to continue to strive for equality.

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