What is the Haj


The Haj is the official name for the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the holy cities of Islam. According to Islam, the pilgrimage must be done every year and is the duty of every follower of the faith. And although many people cannot do this for obvious reasons, it is a goal for most practitioners of the Islamic faith to make this journey at least once in their life.

Every year millions of people meet in the city to worship, making it one of the largest gatherings of any group worldwide. As someone that has immersed myself in academia, I have learned about the Haj on many occasions, but there is much more to the journey than just following the religion.

Historical significance

The Haj has its roots in the beginnings of Islam. No matter when it began, it has been one of the pillars of the religion, which are the rules that all Muslims must live by. This is what makes it so historically significant and culturally relevant in today’s world as well. The sheer number of Muslims that make this pilgrimage not only annually but in their lifetime is truly remarkable.

Just like with any religion, this is an important tradition that allows people to gather in a place of historical significance to show their faith. Islam has so many supporters that it is almost strange to think about how the perception of them worldwide, or at least in this country is defined by just a few of their supporters.

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